HUMAN-HAIR Our New System "Today & Go" (PDF download)

Please study the following instruction for our new Human-Hair system. You can start right away. Simply hold some supply of Human-Hair in your salon, and when your client is coming simply colour the Human-Hair into the wanted colour.

You will get from us Human-Hair sewed together in light-blonde which is not bonded! After colouring you fix the bonding in order to stick the hair. For this purpose we offer our KeraWax, a spezial Bonding-Material. How to fix the strands with the bonding is shown by the following manual or ask for our free Instruction-Video-CD.

The advantage of our system is that you do not need to order Human-Hair in the desired colour because you can colour your supply yourself. Certainly you will have some more effort with colouring the hair and fixing the bondings. But you will save money – our Human-Hair sewed together has got an astonishing good quality – at a worthwhile price.

1. You will get from us Human-Hair sewed together. You can separate 10 strands from the quantity of 7cm. The length of the hair is between 55 and 60cm.
2. Colour the hair in the wanted colour. Please use alufoil when colouring the hair on both sides. We achieve good results with the use of only 3% Peroxide (10 Volume).
3. Dry well after colouring. If hair is still damp the bonding cannot stick close.
4. Separate the sewed hair with the aid of sharp scissors in the wanted width of the strands (approx. 7mm).
Remove rests of sewing threads. and apply KeraWax, our Bonding-Wax, on the end of each strand.
To act accurately, please sea our instruction-video.
5. Fix the single strands with our attachment tool (Hot-Pinzette) at clients hair.
6. Ready !

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